We set up our appointments on a daily basis and usually from 8:00 am – 10:00 am Monday to Friday.  The reason for this small morning window is to try to serve you the same day if space is available.  However, most of the time, we schedule your visit for the next day.  See business hours for service availability on our contact page.

This icon represents one of the security measures we take to protect our website and visitors.  It is called “reCAPTCHA” and is the newest API (application programming interface) introduced by Google that helps webmasters detect abusive web traffic on their sites without user interaction.  Our website uses an SSL certificate that encrypts your information when you interact with it.  Pretty much, you have the same type of security interacting with our website as you have with your banking institution.

Our individual service charges vary mostly according to the use of the computer in need.  All cleanup and tune-up services have 3 levels of work that we can perform on them.  For example, computers that are used just a few hours a week might need just a basic maintenance performed on them, while others might need longer and more advanced work.  We decide what type of maintenance is actually needed based on the diagnostics that must be carried out to achieve the most accurate work possible.   Cleanup jobs prices range from $75 (basic), $95.00 (plus), and $105.00 (premium).   Tune-ups have the same cost structures.   Security Systems have a bit higher price rates due to the cost of the software itself.  Hardware installation and setup for Windows PCs have a different price list because of the parts cost.  For these, prices range from $29.00 to $99.00 for most of the standard jobs plus parts cost.  Malware removal services range from $95.00 to $155 with a maximum of 3 hrs. service on your location.  If the job cannot be completed within this time frame, a flat fee ($199.00) would take place for removal of your computer and completion of the job in our location.  Also, installation and configuration of a professional security system can be set up on your equipment after the cleanup has been completed. This service will be included with the flat fee, but would be charged separately if an hourly job was performed.

Standard labor for software repairs and network is 30 days.  Hardware repairs (labor) is 60 days, however parts usually have one full year for replacement.   Individual services such as the ones included in computer maintenance tasks carry warranty as follows (30 days – one visit for “basic”, 90 days – two visits for “plus”, and 180 days – three visits for “premium”).  Warranty for malware removal will have a range of 30 days – one visit to 90 days – two visits if hourly rates take place (max. 3 hrs.).  If a flat fee and installation of one of our professional security system was implemented, then this warranty would be extended to 360 days – four visits. Our bundle repair-maintenance-tuneup-security deals warranty start with a generous 90 days warranty for “basic” deals, 180 days for “plus” ones, and 360 days for premium ones.

We work with all major Microsoft Windows Operating System compatible brands.  We repair generic ones (costumed made computers) and all the popular ones such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Acer, CyberPowerPC, and iBUYPOWER.

We are not here to judge the way other companies do their business.  After all, many of us help each other with issues that many times transcend beyond the technical manuals.  These are a few of the characteristics we possess, which by the way are similar to other businesses as well.
* We hire and work with qualified technicians that have a minimum required experience.
* Our techs must have specific industry certifications to support the type of job they will be performing.
* We actively encourage our technicians to continue improving their skills by taking new or updated training seminars or courses in order to keep their skills sharp.
* If a job takes longer than a day or two, we will keep you posted on the progress and any new events that might arise during the repairs.  We will ask for approval of any new related task that might be necessary to guarantee an improvement or completion of the job.
* We will be available long after your repair has been completed to give you the peace of mind and support you deserve.
* We will give you a customer loyalty discount for several of our services (currently applies to our repair bundle deals that continue uninterrupted for a minimum of three years) in the future.  In addition, we will grant you a 10% discount on any service (one time only) for referrals.

Just like a lot of people are curious and like to learn new things, our techs and clients are no different.  This idea came from one of our clients that asked us to produce some kind of video that would explain computers in general and basic terms.  Unfortunately, we were so busy with our work that we couldn’t find the time to create such a product.  So that, one of our techs found this one that is basic and general enough for a wide audience.  Thank you and we hope you like the idea!

Generally speaking, we serve a diverse community in Miami Dade County.  Most of our clients are individuals who use computers several hours a day or week either at work, home office, or for school work at home and school itself.  On the business sector, we serve a large variety of small companies which usually have a network on their place of business operations. These businesses might have up to a few dozen employees on location and remote and are specially interested in keeping their main tool of work in top shape and have maximum security setup to safe guard their clients information.

The first thing is to listen to your situation and ask you a few questions related to it.  After we make a quick analysis and figure out the steps to follow, we most likely work with you to schedule an appointment to perform the job.

We accept Cash, Zelle, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

On rear occasions and even after a diagnostic has been done, a computer does not respond well to the helping hand of a skillful technician.  The problem might turn out to be so complex and difficult to resolve that it might not be worthy to continue.  If this is the case, no charge will be assessed.

If we are fixing your equipment at your location and it is taking longer than estimated, our tech will give you a flat fee for the offsite repair as well as the time needed to complete the repair.  You will be presented with a short form to fill out and authorize the removal and return of the computer.

We try to keep our prices competitive to a great extent. However, we can’t guarantee that we either have the lowest or the highest prices. For example, our repair-cleanup-tuneup-security bundles might look like they are expensive, however in the long run, they might truly prove to be cheaper than other similar services. The reliability and speed that your computer will gain together with longer warranty periods that we offer with these specialized services cannot be easily matched by our competitors. Just think about it, it could take us about a full day to perform one of our premium services on just one computer while others do it in half the time or less, but also much less warranty. A couple of months later, there you go again with the same types of problems and paying again and again.

Definitely yes. We charge a small consulting fee for this type of service. This will include helping you find the right machine for your purpose, setting it up at your home or office, connecting it to the Internet (service must be active and connection equipment in good operational status), and setting up a professional security system with a full year limited warranty. This job usually takes about 3 hrs (one hour research, and two hrs. of setup). Printer setup with new computer can be added to this service for an additional fee. This consulting service carries a flat fee for the three groups of clients we serve (home user $95 with printer $130, home business $125 with printer $160, and small company $155 with printer $190).

If you are having issues with your computer and no one has performed maintenance on it for a while (6 months or longer), maybe it is due now. Computers nowadays have evolved into very complex machines and they perform thousands of processes very often. Unfortunately, all these software interaction and constant upgrading plus Internet malware and hacker threats, create a lot of headache for computer users. This is where our full bundles come in place. We have worked for many years to develop these options for our clients with two main objectives in mind. One of them is to create a safety net for these machines for longer periods of time, and the other is to save our clients money in hourly fees. Performing this type of job once a year should be considered as an investment instead of an expense for your computer.

Do you prefer to buy a new computer every year and start all over again? Just the setup, installation of multiple applications, data backup and transfer, and implementation of a professional security system will most likely cost much more than the most advanced of our Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Maintenance bundles.

The average time is more or less 2 hrs. for a Basic bundle, 4 hrs. for a Plus bundle, and 6 hrs. for a Premium one. However, depending how damaged your computer is, any of these could be duplicated in time. However, they all come with a flat fee, so you don’t have to worry about an increased cost. By the same token, we will try by all means to complete the job the same day we start it if possible. Furthermore, the reason for the time increase from one bundle to the next is because we go deep, deeper, and deepest into the system for these repairs. In addition, the security system we use for the most costly bundles are far more complex to work with than the lowest cost ones.

We currently offer 9 different Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Maintenance bundles….three for home user computers, three for home business computers, and three for small company computers. We call these bundles Basic, Plus, and Premium. Depending how damaged is your computer’s operating system due to virus infections, lack of maintenance, or many other reasons, our tech will let you know which maintenance bundle is necessary for your machine to function properly and more efficiently. Only after we perform a full diagnostic of your machine, we will be able to choose the right maintenance bundle for your equipment. Hardware repairs or replacements are not covered with these bundle deals.

Basic bundles have a 90 days warranty, Plus bundles have 180 days warranty, and Premium bundles have 360 days warranty. These warranties are limited to the specific job performed on your machine. The 90 days warranty covers one free visit and repair (if related to job performed) during this period. The 180 days warranty covers two free visits and repairs (if related to job performed), and the 360 days warranty covers four free visits and repairs (if related to job performed) successively. All these visits have a limited time of two hours each. If repairs require more time, arrangements can be made for a flat fee.

This is a matter that should be analyzed carefully since several details are important to make the right decision. Our techs are experienced enough to help you decide. We won’t make you waste your money on repairs if the equipment itself is not appropriate for the type of work you do. Some of our clients are very skillful and use many applications on their line of work. Sometimes these applications once upgraded a few times demand a much faster computer and a replacement is eminent. Other times, our clients keep their machines much longer than five years and all we do is perform one of our specialized yearly maintenance and protection bundles to keep them healthy.

It is difficult to predict how long many computer repairs will take. Sometimes, it is something simple and it would take no more than 30 minutes to fix. However, other times, a repair would take hours to complete. Our techs usually take no more than 3 hrs. for many common repairs. If a repair will take more than 3 hrs., our techs might offer you a flat fee and take the equipment to repair offsite. If the repairs are being performed on multiple machines and removal is not an option, hourly rates will be applied.

We are open Mon. – Fri. 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and Sat. 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Our first apt. on any given day can be scheduled at 9:00 am and our last apt. at 5:00 pm.  Also since the pandemic we decided to close our physical locations to be able to conduct our business in a safer way.  Since now remote work has benefited many industries, we are no different.  On the first visit, we probably have to see your equipment in order to accurately diagnose the problem it might have.  This is why we’ll request you to fill out our “contact” page form to have your info. before we contact you to schedule your apointment.  All our techs have appropriate and conditioned environments to work on your equipment in case the repair/s would take longer than normal.  The technician will leave you a signed paper form with the necessary information for the safe return of your equipment once it is fully repaired.

Many of our services do have a flat fee option. However, most of the time, this flat fee applies to equipment we pick up to repair at one of our locations. After your computer related issue is analyzed, our technician will offer a flat fee option if available.

Many of our services do have a flat fee option. However, most of the time, this flat fee applies to equipment we pick up to repair at one of our locations. After your computer related issue is analyzed, our technician will offer a flat fee option if available.

Even though we have placed mail boxes addresses close to our technicians locations, we provide services in all of Miami-Dade County.