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Computer Science Course Preview

Interested in a free crash course?  Ready to start learning?  Browse through this page and discover the world of computers from the very beginnings.  This course collection will give you a summary of the creation and use of computers throughout humanity in modern times.  Visit our FAQ page for more info. on how we arrived to these videos idea.  We appreciate the time, effort and hard work that the authors of this series have put into this project. Please visit their channel in youtube and give them their well deserved credit.

Computer Science Course Preview
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Computer Science Course Preview

Unit1_The Mechanics of How Computers Work
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From the authors page. . . . Carrie Anne Philbin is the person you watch on these great videos.  She is the one hosting Crash Course Computer Science! As explained on the channel, “In this series, we’re going to trace the origins of our modern computers, take a closer look at the ideas that gave us our current hardware and software, discuss how and why our smart devices just keep getting smarter, and even look towards the future! Computers fill a crucial role in the function of our society, and it’s our hope that over the course of this series you will gain a better understanding of how far computers have taken us and how far they may carry us into the future.”  Please, visit the Crash Course YouTube channel and give the authors proper credit for this valuable information they are providing us.  If you like the videos, your “likes” and comments will be appreciated on their channel pages.

01.  Early Computing
02.  Electronic Computing
03.  Boolean Logic & Logic Gates
04.  Representing Numbers & Letters with Binary
05.  How Computers Calculate – The ALU
06.  Registers & RAM
07.  The Central Processing Unit (CPU)
08.  Instructions & Programs
09.  Advanced CPU Designs

10.  Early Programming
11.  The First Programming Languages
12.  Programming Basics:   Statements & Functions
13.  Intro to Algorithms
14.  Data Structures
15.  Alan Turing
16.  Software Engineering

17.  Integrated Circuits & Moore’s Law
18.  Operating Systems
19.  Memory & Storage
20.  File & File Systems
21.  Compression
22.  Keyboards & Command Line Interfaces
23.  Screens & 2D Graphics

24. The Cold War and Consumerism
25.  The Personal Computer Revolution 
26. Graphical User Interfaces
27. 3D Graphics

28. Computer Networks
29.  The Internet
30.  The World Wide Web
31.  Cyber Security
32.  Hackers & Cyber Attacks
33.  Cryptographic

34.  Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
35.  Computer Vision
36.  Natural Language Processing
37.  Robots

38.  Psychology of Computing
39.  Educational Technology
40.  The Singularity, Skynet, and the Future of Computing

Course features coming in the Summer:

  • Study Planning Sheet
  • Course Review
  • Completion Exam
  • Completion Certificate

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