Home User Maintenance Bundles

The Maint. Bundles found on this page apply to Home User Computers.

PC/Laptop BASIC Yearly Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Bundle

  • Basic Hardware/Software Diagnostic through Windows integrated tools
  • Virus/Malware cleanup
  • (One scan and repairs with professional tool)
  • Antivirus Lev1
  • (installation and setup)
  • Windows/Internet Basic Cleanup & Tuneup (Includes old Windows updates leftover files, temp. Internet files, overall windows temp. files, and more)
  • Windows core files scan and repair
  • Hard Disk defragmentation
  • Remote Assistant System setup (required for repairs covered under warranty)
  • 90 days limited warranty included

PC/Laptop PLUS Yearly Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Bundle

  • “Plus” Hardware and Software Diagnostic
  • (Includes professional tool with specific hd test)
  • Virus/Malware cleanup
  • (Two scans and repairs with two professional tools)
  • Antivirus Lev2
  • (installation and setup)
  • Customized Windows Firewall
  • Windows/Internet "Plus" Cleanup & Tuneup (includes everything in "Basic" plus Windows Old Restore files-saves a lot of hd space, and more)
  • Windows core files
  • scan and repair
  • Hard Disk defragmentation
  • Emergency Antimalware scanner
  • Remote Assistant System setup (required for repairs covered under warranty)
  • 180 days limited warranty included

PC/Laptop PREMIUM Yearly Repair-Cleanup-Tuneup-Security Bundle

  • “Premium” Hardware and Software Diagnostic (Includes two professional tools-with specific hd and memory tests)
  • Virus/Malware cleanup
  • (Three scans and repairs with three professional tools)
  • Antivirus Lev3
  • (installation and setup)
  • Professional Firewall
  • Windows/Internet "Premium" Cleanup & Tuneup (includes everything in "Plus", and registry cleaning, shortcuts fixing, tracks erasing, startup files adjustments, and more)
  • Windows core files
  • scan and repair
  • Hard Disk advanced defragmentation
  • Emergency dual antimalware scanner system
  • Windows/drivers
  • updates installation
  • Remote Assistant System setup (required for repairs covered under warranty)
  • 360 days limited warranty included

Other Bundle Deals

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AZW Tech, Most Accurate Computer Diagnostic in Miami

Low Cost Diagnostic

We perform a 1 to 2 hrs. hardware/software diagnostic in order to recommend what repair/maintenance/security bundle is necessary for your computer to function correctly and efficiently. Diagnostic fee will be deducted from total amount after job is completed.

AZW Tech Miami Best Computer Virus and Malware Removal Service

Virus / Malware Removal

We use only the best antivirus/anti-malware technology. Once your computer is completely cleaned, we set up your equipment with the best Security System possible according to our recommendations and your budget.

AZW Tech Miami Complete Internet Access Setup

Internet Access Setup

Did you order Internet Service and need assistance with installation? Or do you have problems accessing the Internet and your Service Provider says your service is working fine? You might have an issue with your operating system, a hardware malfunction, or a virus is creating a headache for you. Give us a call and let one of our techs figure out the solution to your concern.

AZW Tech Miami Best Microsoft Windows 7,8, & 10 Repairs

Windows 7, 8, & 10 Repairs

These could be specific repairs for simple issues that do not require a complete bundle solution. For example, windows files could get corrupted after installing or uninstalling some kind of software. Even updates from the operating system itself could go wrong.

AZW Tech, Miami Best Computer Cleanup and Tuneup

Windows 7, 8, & 10 Cleanup and Tuneup

This service is performed with granular details to bring your computer up to speed as close as it worked when it was new from the factory. Also, a diagnostic to determine the root of your computer slowness is performed at no additional cost. If a part upgrade is needed, it would be addressed by our tech.

Files Backup and Synchronization, AZW Tech

Redundant Backup Solution

Our backup/sync. system offers peace of mind to protect your files. We set up a hybrid environment where you can have a full copy of your original files backed up locally in your office and another one on a bank grade secured cloud system. You will have access to your work files 24/7 from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Network Backup Device is included, however, capacity is limited by computer's usage (500 GB-home, 1000 GB-home business, 2000 GB-small enterprise). Secured cloud storage capacity is also limited by computer usage (50 GB-home, 100 GB-home business, 200 GB-small enterprise) and is intended rather for synchronization and backup of current work files and not for archiving older files. Also, this is a continued annual service.

AZW Tech, Best Personal Computer Security System Implementation

Customized Security System

Protecting your family and business digital information with a professional internet security system is an extremely important service that cannot be taken lightly. This is why we spend a great amount of time and effort doing research and testing several security programs for our clients. To find the best internet security systems, we test several of the most reputable applications in the market to see how well each one detects and blocks malware. We also consider whether the software slows our test computers and evaluate the quantity and quality of its advanced security features. Then we pick about a dozen of the best systems to protect our client’s devices.

AZW Tech Miami Windows 10 and Microsoft Office Training

Windows 10, MS Office, & QuickBooks Pro Training

Need to learn the most popular OS and Office software used in schools and companies? Contact us for availability and to make some arrangements for a level organized hands-on training. Currently, we have courses for Windows 10 users interface from beginner to advance, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & QuickBooks beginner to advance. If you would like to start your training on an Intermediate Level, a basics level exam would have to be taken and pass. Such an exam could last up to 6 hrs. for each software individually.

Small Office Network

Wire/Wireless Virtual Network Setup

We connect your Windows Computers and compatible devices through a small (10 devices or fewer) office virtual network. If you have your cables already installed through the walls, we do the rest. But if you are in need of wire installation service, we can help you find such a service as well. And we even include a customized cleanup, tuneup, and security service with the network setup to help making your navigation on the internet safe.

AZW Tech, Best Computer Service Company in Miami

We can help you with...

Viurs / Malware Removal 100%
Windows Repairs 95%
Customized Security System 90%
Learn Windows 10 80%
Learn QuickBooks 75%
Learn Microsoft Office 70%
Website Design 65%
Website Content 55%

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