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We are a group of computer technicians that work with  the client’s convenience in mind.  No need for you to carry heavy equipment.  We come to you.  With our same day pickup or on the spot diagnostic, you have no time to waste.  With the harsh economic situation we are living today, we have determined not to waste money on a commercial real state rent and pass those savings along to our clients and guarantee a more stable income for our techs.  We are currently working from home or at your location.  If things get better, we’ll let you know through this site.

We’ve been in business since 2004 and have been saving our customers hundreds of dollars with our services. Over 6,500 services performed cannot be wrong. We offer reliable, affordable, and timely services that will keep our referrals list growing. We offer hourly or flat rates according to the project, therefore keeping the cost of repairs at a minimum. And with our yearly repair-cleanup-tuneup-security maintenance plans, you can save even more.

Whenever it is possible and if repairs will take longer than a week, we provide loaner systems to use while we perform your computer fixing.  Most repairs are completed the same day or within 3 to 5 days of pickup appointment unless specific parts are needed.  We only replace damage parts with well known brand name new parts.  We offer a standard one full year warranty on replaced parts and ninety days for software repairs.  If you are in a rush, It is important to us that you receive the best service in the fastest way possible.  On certain occasions, we might recommend another similar business like us for a particular type of repair.  Some repair businesses have parts on stock ready, therefore speeding up the repair process.  Our Professional Customized Antivirus systems carry a one full year warranty as well.

The majority of repairs performed on computers nowadays are software related and this is what we specialized on.  Due to the fact of its flexibility and capacity to interact with thousands of technologies and its popularity as well, the Microsoft Windows Operating System in its multiple versions is subject to many obstacles that impede its full operational potential in a multitude of occasions. And this is precisely why we have created our unique repair bundles to give our clients a more robust service, much better warranty, and ultimately the best cost efficient method in the long run.  Once we perform one of these specialized jobs on your computer, most likely you won’t have to see us for a long time.

We use 20-50 tools to fine tune and secure your system so you can focus on your work instead of loosing your patience with a malfunctioning equipment. We might take a few extra hours the first day to perform your first time yearly repair and maintenance, but it will be well worthy for the rest of the warranty coverage that comes with the service. We will enjoy not receiving another tech support call with similar issues from you, and you will not be annoyed by constant visits from one of our techs during the warranty period. This is our principle “Do an outstanding job the first time, and enjoy the free time to help others the rest of the year.”

Client Testimonials

Lora Spielberg

“I am a regular computer user. The machine I was using at home was so slow and I knew the security on it was probably expired. I saw the movie "Untraceable", about home computers and lack of security. It scared me to death. I knew I had to get a new computer but was clueless. One of the techs from AZW Tech was wonderful. He asked me some questions regarding how I use my home computer and what I needed it to do. Then he actually helped me order it from HP. He even got me a better discount than what I would have gotten on my own. Once again, I would have had no idea what to get! Once it came on the mail, he then came over to my house and set it all up. It was a great experience. They also do website design (which I am planning to call back for), PC repair, data backup, hardware, software, networking, tech support, training and consulting. My tech has over 15 years of experience. It is technology and support you can trust and afford."

AZW Miami PC Client No.2

Pam Lipton

"As small business owners working from our home and office using the Internet constantly, PC performance is of the utmost importance! Having a tech from the AZW Tech team available for repairs at a very competitive price, and sometimes the option for on-site (or at home) service, makes it highly desirable to do business with them! They keep us going so our products and services keep rolling continuously without interruption! They are very knowledgeable and have a great rapport with clients because they can describe in "simple terms" what needs to be done. They'll help with every step along the way, depending on what you need. We highly recommend AZW Tech for any PC repair and support issues you may have!"

AZW Miami PC Client No.3

Jessie Olive

"One Google search, one phone call and we have landed ourselves an outstanding company to work with now and in the future. Not just awesome service. Our technician is extremely pleasant to work with. He works hard and quickly and leaves us feeling like he isn't like other companies, wherein they stretch the job out for billing purposes. "I feel that being honest and up front with people as my AZW Techs were with us they will surely be the computer techs to go with. The service was great not to mention the cost. They will have a very satisfied customer with us. Thank You."

AZW Tech Miami PC Client No.4

Christopher Brown

"My computer skills are limited, and several times we had either viruses or some computer software corruption that left our business computers paralyzed. In multiple instances, my AZW Tech guys came to the rescue to bail us out. Finally we listened to our tech and have him perform the complete systems repair and maintenance bundles to all of our office computers. We understood that even though a specific obvious repair is fixed on a computer, there are many other issues under the hood that need to be taken care of as well so the machine doesn’t continue to have problems in the near future. AZW Tech quick turn-around time, economical repairs, and personalized service keep us loyal to their business. Thanks!!!"