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Let us repair, maintain, and protect your computer equipment while you focus on your education, work, and family. Let us be your computer hero.

Let us repair, maintain, and protect your computer equipment while you focus on your education, work, and family.  Let us be your computer hero.

AZW Tech specializes in commercial and residential computer repair services and training of some popular applications. We are ready to help you or your small enterprise with many of Microsoft Windows Computer needs. It is our priority to offer you a fair price, excellent results, and best warranty possible. If you are looking for outstanding job completion and the best savings in the long run, you have found the right place.

Brands We Service

Miami CyberPower Computer Repair
Miami Acer Computer Repair
Miami Samsung Computer Repair
Miami Dell Computer Repair
Miami Lenovo Computer Repair
Miami HP Computer Repair
Miami Microsoft Surface Computer Repair
Miami Asus Computer Repair
AZW Tech Miami Computer Repair Technician
Miami Alienware Computer Repair
Miami iBuyPower Computer Repair

And other brands - including customed made computers . . . .

Miami Any Windows Computer Repair
AZW Tech Miami Computer Problems Solved

If you feel frustrated, upset, and about to throw your computer away, STOP! We offer free pickup and delivery, affordable prices, best reliable repairs done by certified technicians, and warranted services that are not easily matched. We are committed to return your equipment working with the highest standard it was designed for.
Make the right decision and contact us today.  We are here to serve you.
Let us help you decide if your computer is worth fixing or not.
We want to be your computer rescue hero.


Windows Related Issues

  • Your computer has gotten very slow to start
  • Your computer shows some text on a blue or black screen at bootup and stops loading the OS
  • Once you login to your desktop, it takes forever to show your program icons
  • You can log in, but nothing shows on the screen
  • Your computer shows an error message after logging in to desktop
  • You get a network error on your browser when you go on the Internet
  • Windows updates stopped working. You might or might not get a related message on the screen

Virus Related Issues

  • A threat is discovered or the Threat Detected window keeps appearing
  • Your web browser (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome) freezes, hangs or is unresponsive
  • You get redirected to web pages other than the one you intended to go to
  • Your computer restarts by itself (but not a restart caused by Windows Updates)
  • You see unusual error messages (for example, messages saying there are missing or corrupt files folders). This one could be a Windows related issue as well

Hardware Related Issues

  • Your computer won’t turn on
  • You hear a grinding noise when you turn on your computer
  • Your computer turns on but nothing shows on the screen
  • Your computer boots up, you see some text sliding up the screen (sometimes many lines) and it stops booting with a black screen or a partial list of executed commands or message.
  • When you login to Windows, and open just a couple of programs, your computer gets extremely slow. This could also be a virus infection symptom

Today, in addition to traditional viruses, there are Trojans, worms, ransomware, spyware, adware and plenty of other "wares." The computer industry term for all this is "malware." Even state-of-the-art computer security can't always keep up with new threats. At AZW Tech, we strive and often research for the best security systems in the industry. Many times, we end up with about a dozen or less out of an average of thirty to forty security products we research and test. And these sophisticated anti-malware systems, together with our certified technicians experience, are the elements we use on our own and our client’s computer protection mission.


We believe you can have peace of mind working with your computer once we repair, clean up, tune up, and protect it for you.

And Why Not Save Some Money Today While You Are On The Way to Get Your Computer Back.
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Computer Repair & Maintenance
Made Simple

Almost anyone can perform work on your computer, but not everyone is qualified and offers the same warranty like us. What makes the difference is our keen eye for detail and completion of the job.  Our repair and maintenance packages deals take care of most if not all your computer issues.  And they also come with a flexible warranty according to your budget and needs.  The Home Office and Small Business Wireless Network installation service will leave your network working efficiently and we’ll even run a test for your actual speed and make a basic assessment of your equipment security at no charge for you.