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Protected: Remote Support App
Protected: Remote Support App

for Windows 7 or 8

Size: 12MB
Version: v1.0
Protected: Remote Support App
Protected: Remote Support App

for Windows 10 or 11

Size: 12MB
Version: v2.0

Steps to Receive Remote Support

Remote Support FAQ

The process could take anywhere between 5 and 15 min. according to your computer state and your skills handling it.

Most problems are resolved within 30 to 60 min. unless the situation is related to multiple issues or a degrading factor over time.

We don’t charge for this type of service as long as it is in the form of a short consultation of 5 – 10 min. average.  No remote access to your PC will be performed on this process.

Yes.  During this type of service, we will access your PC with your cooperation and approval and perform routine diagnostics steps to evaluate your computer situation. You can see our fees on our “Services” page.

Yes, provided certain conditions are fullfiled.  The diagnostics fee is charged upfront before we established remote access to your PC.  You will receive an email with an Invoice for the cost.  This is a secured electronic transaction payable through “PayPal” or Credit Card within the Paypal network.  Once the transaction goes through, we start working on your computer.

The results of the diagnostics will yield the type of service that is most appropriate for your computer problem.  We will then let you know the cost of the repairs.  If you agreed with the terms (approximate time+cost), we’ll issue a second invoice with the total cost minus the fee we initially charged for the diagnostics.

This varies a lot among computers.  It depends on multiple factors such as computer speed, the issues involved, and the need to evaluate software and hardware related problems. We are proud to perform some of the most complete diagnostics in the industry.  Therefore, we don’t take this step in the process very lightly.  Our diagnostics may typically take anywhere between 60 min. – 3 hrs. on average.  But don’t worry, we offer a flat fee for this service as many others.

Sometimes, we can start right away, but others we need to reschedule with you according to our availability and your own.  For example, if a diagnostic yields that you have many issues with your computer that need to be resolved, this could easily be a lengthy process for several hours.  A typical scenario could be when your technician recommends one of our bundle deals because of the gravity of the scenario.  In this case, it is a process that could take between 8 and 12 hrs. easily.  But don’t worry, this is usually performed during the course of a few days if necessary.