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We are currently using this newly created page to post here the updates & changes on our site developing journey.  This is only a temporary use since it would serve the real purpose to store many information articles that we will originally present in other pages of our site.  The text in this area will change as needed to keep current with the page most recent postings.

What's New . . . .?

As many of you know, we recently rebuilt our website structure, however, we are not completely done yet with the vast amount of information we need to post. We will continuously write here the new updates that we are bringing to you.  You will often notice that the last point on this list will disappear.  In order to keep this area brief & not too boring to read, we’ll sacrifice the oldest point posting for a new one at the beginning so you can always have the latest updated information regarding our site continued development until all the main sections are implemented.

new discount coupons

05.24.2020 – This posting is an update of the one just below.  We just wanted to let you know that we have just designed a new “coupons or discounts” page to display the savings you can have on present or future offers we will have on several of our services.  You can find the link to this posting below the “Relax” section above with the seashore background picture.

Home business Bundles Page has been Created

05.18.2020 – We have just placed most of our coupons on this home page for these two weeks.  This is a special decision we took together to alleviate the economic burden of  our clients and help with the reduced budget that most families and small businesses are experiencing today.  If by any chance you do not see the “coupon” you need on our main page, ask us if it is still available at least for the summer.  We will have to place only a few at a time every two weeks since too many of them make our page download to your computers too slow.  Normally, a few of these “specials” are presented at unexpected times when our work is not at the required level or above to meet our financial responsibilities.  Today, we are ourselves in a similar situation as many other small businesses are.  We hope these reduced prices on several of our services will help us slowly get back on our feet and aim to our upmost goal – feed our families and pay our dues, and make it easier for others to do the same.

all units & chapters of the free computer sciences crash course have been . . .

05.08.2020 – We have completed posting all the Units/Chapters for the “Free Computer Science Crash Course“.  There are 40 chapters to learn from & we are currently working on some add-ons to the course to make it easy for you to follow & feel proud on completion.  See the notes at the end of menu on any of the unit pages for more information.  You can find the link to this course on the SERVICES menu above.

Our faq now has over 20 Answered questions

04.27.2020 – Don’t forget to visit our FAQ page. You can now find on this page more than 20 answers to the questions you have been asking over time.  If you don’t find an answer to your question on this page, please fill out the short contact form we have so we can respond your concern as quickly as possible.

New security addition to our site

04.17.2020 – We are excited to announce that we have updated our website with the newest google version of “reCAPTCHA” (gray-light blue-navy curved arrow icon at the button right corner of our pages). This is one of the smarter security solutions for today’s connected world.

We are adding translation to...

04.10.2020 – At the moment, we are currently in the process of creating a translated version of most of the content on our website to the Spanish language. Please bear with us while we finish this project. So far this home page is already done, and also the About and Services pages. We will continue working on the rest of the pages during the next several weeks. If you are reading a page in Spanish and a link on it does not take you to the right page, it is because it has not been translated yet. Please, use the navigation bar at the top right to go to the desired pages in the English language. As always, thank you for your support and patience.

We Have Found A . . . .


. .  .  . nice crash course on Computer Science that we believe could be of benefit for some of our customers and friends interested in the field of computers.  We have created the main page with this information attached to it.  Please keep in mind that you can also follow this course on the YouTube channel we found it.  And at the same time offer your credit to the originators.  The idea to post this type of information on our page actually came from a client that asked us to publish some articles that explained computers in general.  As many small businesses, we are often busy with work helping others and an endeavor such as this would be very challenging to our work time.  So we did some research and found this one course very complete and easy to follow.  We simply created these pages in an organized fashion and with links to all videos.  The introduction page is already displayed for you, and we’ll work fast during the next couple of weeks to have it all ready for you.  And the best thing of all is that it is completely free!

We Have Posted the first 20 Chapters of the . . . .


. . . . Computer Science Crash course.  Among the topics that will be covered in this course are:

  • Electronic Computing
  • How Computers Calculate – The ALU
  • The Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Advanced CPU Designs
  • The First Programming Languages
  • Intro to Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Operating Systems
  • File & File Systems,  and more . . . . 

The Computer Science Crash Course is . . . .


. . . . completely posted and here we are again with a list of some of the topics that will be covered in this great video course.  Please enjoy it and pass it long to those who are interested in this subject matter.  Please don’t forget to visit the authors of these course in youtube sometime and give them the proper credit they deserve for the hard work they have done.

  • Compression
  • The Personal Computer Revolution
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • 3D Graphics
  • Computer Networks
  • The Internet
  • Cyber Security
  • Hackers & Cyber Attacks
  • Cryptographic
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Robots

We have just added more content to the faq page

02.21.2020  Several other questions our clients have been asking us over time were just added recently.  Now you can find the answer to questions about our flat fee policy, repairs length, bundle deals, whether you should buy new or repair your computer, what our maintenance packages consist of, forms of payments accepted, etc…

Home business Bundles Page has been Created

02.07.2020 - This page is similar to the home user one, but it is directed to Home Businesses instead. The tools and professional security software we use on this packages are more sophisticated in nature for this type of environments. Also these packages are a good choice for those home users who do online banking or shopping and often incur into social networking or video streaming.
The second section is the same as the home users. The only difference is the type of tools we use and deepness of the work that is performed.

Home User Bundles Page has been created

01.24.2020 - What information will you find here? This page has been designed with our Home Computer Clients in mind. The First Section refers to our popular "Basic", "Plus", and Premium bundles that were created to fix many if not most of the common problems Windows Computer have after not been attended for a while.
The second section includes a list of several of the specific services we often perform on Windows computers.

Small Company Bundles Page has been Created

01.31.2020 - This last bundle page is similar to the Home Business one. However, there are marked differences in the professional tools we use for this flagship service. It encompasses the best software of the trade on the many tasks at hand. These bundles are also suggested for heavy computer users who stay performing a multitude of tasks at their computers an average of 6 - 12 hrs. a day during five or six days a week.
The second section of the page is basically the same as the Home Business bundles, however, always keep in mind that the degree of sophistication of the tools used and the level of the security systems used is much higher in this case.


01.17.2020 - This is the main page that will hold most of the main services we perform and will also have news on new services we plan to implement in the near future. If you don't see here a service listed which you need help for, it doesn't hurt to ask. It could be part of one of our bundles, or something that we already know how to do and have not had a chance to include it on our list. Also, we might be able to recommend another company that could probably help you as well.

About the initial video we had on the home page

01.10.2020  A couple of our clients asked a few days ago why we removed the video we initially had playing in the background of the home page header.  As any new projects go, we are testing different features on the new design, and sometimes even though it might look nice, a new feature will degrade the quality, efficiency, or design of the site.  In this case, the video slowed down the home page too much.  However, every now and then, we might place a fun video just to push the limit on the servers for a little time and your enjoyment.

AZW Tech new site launched

01.03.2020  We have completed the main structure on our newly redesigned website.  Please bare with us on this long to be project.  Some of the fundamental content is already in placed.  The Home, About, a short FAQ page, and Contact pages are already displayed.  We’ll keep you posted on the coming weeks and months of the new pages that will be designed on the way and relevant content that might be of interest to you.  Remember that notes like this are often posted on our home page and eventually moved here for follow up purposes.  After the specific content areas are created and somehow developed with more current content, we will eliminate the postings about the site development that will be obsolete by then.