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We work on all major brands including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, and Assus among others. Read more ....


These systems go through rigorous testing before they are approved for sale. They come with a limited one year warranty for your piece of mind. They are protected with professional antivirus software from day one. Similar benefits as a new computer at a fraction of the price.  Read more ...


We offer several Microsoft Windows, Office, and Quickbooks courses from beginning to advanced levels. These hands on training come with discounted group rates. There is a minimum of three students and a maximum of six if courses are taught in a home environment. Classes are scheduled twice a week and approximately three hours per session.
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Computer Services

Performed by certified technicians.

Computer Services

Your IT Support Company

Reliable Services at reasonable cost


Computer Repair Services

  • Virus / Malware Removal
  • System Cleanup & Tuneup
  • Programs & Printers Installation
  • Wireless Network & Internet Access Setup
  • Yearly Maintenance with special discount after first year of service
  • Best Customized Antivirus Security System with Multiple Shields
  • Cloud Technology service to backup/sync. your files and access them from multiple devices.
  • Remote Support at reduced rates
  • Low cost diagnostics. This fee will be deducted from your repair service if it is performed.


Rebuilt PC Sales

Three main categories of systems to choose from. Each one is intended for different types of users.
  • The basic systems have configurations designed for novice and occasional computer users. These users spend no more than 3-4 hours on their computers a week. You can pick from 6 different computers within this group (3 Desktops and 3 Laptops). The other categories below also have six systems each to choose from.  Click here to visit this page ....

  • The intermediate systems are intended for power users. These users usually spend 6 or more hours a week on their computers. These are usually office workers, professionals, and high school or college students who continuously use the Internet for multiple purposes and work on three or more programs at the same time. These are the most popular computers we sellClick here to visit this page ....

  • The advanced systems are intended for individuals who specialized on applications that demand a much faster computer. Graphic design, video editing, and some gaming might want to take a look at these systems.  Click here to visit this page .....
If you are ready to buy and care more about what the computer contains inside instead of the look outside, visit our
"SUPPER DEALS" page to save even more.

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Software Training

Every student must have a laptop with the software needed already installed. Occasionally, we might be able to provide a loaner computer and a discounted price software option from one of our suppliers.

All courses are paid in advanced prior to starting date. Fees are not refundable if a student misses a class or drops a course.