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The Best Internet Security Systems based on our recent research

Here is the result of our research on the best Internet Security Suites for Windows computers.  We have arrived to this list on the basis of multiple criteria.  First, we researched and studied the results of two of the most respected global antivirus labs.  Second, our group of techs summarized this year's interaction with active viruses that they found on serviced computers and how they handled these bad experiences to eliminate all these threats.  And last, but not least, we analyzed the economics of it all - how we could keep the cost low and make sure our clients computers would stay safe for the whole year a subscription to a service last.
We based our decision on a few important categories as follows.  1)  The ability of a security system to block a multitude of threats from penetrating computers once they are connected to the Internet.  2)  The ability to protect a computer by identifying and eliminating any threats that managed to come through the first line of defense.  3)  The ability to repair any damage created by malware if it did managed to execute its bad intentions.
The list of security systems you see scattered on this page has not been arranged in an order that reflects an specific antivirus lab or our best tech's opinion.  It is rather a combination of our research from the labs, our clients experience with implemented security systems in their computers, our techs live exposure, and last, but equally important, the opinion of other tech companies we come across while working on the field.

Keep in mind, however, that the installation and configuration of a professional security system should not be performed by a regular computer user.  A seasoned and certified computer technician will always carry out a specific diagnostic of the system before installation takes place.  This most important step will guarantee that the chosen ISS and the installation routine, sophisticated configuration, and testing that follows will work as expected.  If a system is not prepared adequately, a corrupted installation could prove to be, in some cases, worse than a virus infection itself.
We know that many active professional techs agree with our thoughts.  But also, we have to make it clear that you can trust the products we promote and our services to be top quality, and that have been proven to be effective and efficient with home users and small businesses as well.  You, as an intelligent consumer, should demand not to be charged for "free antivirus solutions" that do not offer you enough warranty and the respect you deserve.  There are many non-certified, inexperience, and cruel techs-to-be out there that do not deserve your business.

All Professional Security Systems Setup you receive from us come with our one year limited warranty, a basic hardware and software diagnostic, and more ......

Our service cost is also very affordable with prices starting at $45.00  per computer according to quantities and security system suggested by our tech.  Call today to schedule an appointment and have your computer come to live again.

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